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Catholic Social Teaching

Mr. Ed Tray

1 2 3 4
6     7   8     9    
12   13                          
  14                           15  
16         17                
19               20              

5.Calls for fairness in exchanges between individuals and private groups (2 Words)
6.Empowers belief in God
11.Enables us to trust in Christ’s promises
13.Also known as contributive justice (2 Words)
14.parable which answers who is our neighbor (2 Words)
16.president of the United Farm Workers Union (2 Words)
18.established Catholic schools in America (3 Words)
19.Loving God above everything and the neighbor as self
20.Making wise decisions
21.The courage to do what is right and true
22.An important letter written by the Pope to the whole Church
1."hinge" virtues
2.Sees to the just distribution of the goods of creation (2 Words)
3.the habit of doing good
4.Regulates citizens’ obligations to society and government (2 Words)
7.virtues which help us to kno, love, and serve God
8.lived a mendicant life (3 Words)
9.Moderates our appetites for pleasure
10.ministered to the lepers
12.to live by begging
15.ministered to the urban poor (3 Words)
17.An open-ended contract of love between God and God’s people.

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