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1.A Czechoslovakian diplomat and foreign minister from 1940 to 1948. He was one of the few government officials in Czechoslovakia that wasn't communist and supported the Truman Doctrine.
4.A policy that the Truman administration released to stop Soviet Imperialism. This plan was made to stop the spread of communism into the rest of Europe.
5.A Yugoslavian statesmen that served from 1943 until he died in 1980. He was a part of the communist party and was an Allie of the Soviet Union.
6.An American diplomat that supported the idea of containment. He agreed with the idea of containing communism to stop the spread of it.
9.The secretary of state in the Truman administration. He had a very important role in the creation of Americas foreign policy during the time of the Cold War.
10.An act that gave made the CIA responsible for psychological warfare. This gave the CIA a lot more freedom and power to fight against the Soviet Union.
11.A letter written by George Kennan to Washington talking about his views on the Soviet Union. This letter was an attempt to educate the American population on the reality of communism and how weak the Soviet Union actually was despite all of the propaganda.
15.A metaphorical barrier that prohibits two nations from communicating and trading with each other. This barrier stopped the United States and its allies from talking to the communist countries during the Cold War.
16.A minister of foreign affairs during Joseph Stalin's reign. He had a very important role in the non-aggression pact of 1939 that made the Soviet Union and Germany allies before the invasion of Poland.
17.The western part of the country the started World War Two by trying to take over the world. This was the part of Germany that was under western control and received aid from all of the allied countries, but it was split from the eat by the Berlin wall.
18.A country in central Europe that is bordered by Romania, Austria, Ukraine, Slovakia and Croatia. This country was communist/socialist country from 1949 to 1989 and is was heavily influenced by the Soviet Union.
19.The act of supplying other countries with goods and services and expecting to be paid back in the future. The United States helped out a lot of countries during World War Two and was expecting to be repaid at the end of it.
2.The American plan to help rebuild Western Europe after World War Two. The United States did this so they could build back up the economies of the democratic countries.
3.This man was the prime minister of Great Britain from 1940 to 1945 and again from 1951 to 1955. He was one of the most important allies of the United States during the Cold War.
7.A political party that was made to represent the feelings of the working class and to be their voice. This party opposed the Soviet Union during the Cold War and wanted to give ordinary people a voice.
8.A treaty organization that contained twelve countries that would protect each other if they were under attack. These democratic nation tried to stop the spread of communism by containing it.
9.A long narrow body of water that separates two big pieces of land in Turkey. Turkey refused to let the Soviet Union take control of this body of water during the Cold War.
12.A United States agency whose main responsibility is gather, analyze and process security information from around the world. This agency would carry out elaborate plans to overthrow governments that weren't loyal to the United States during the Cold War.
13.Keeping something contained and stopping it from spreding and affecting others.All democratic countries wanted to stop the spread of communism.
14.The official newspaper of the communist party in the Soviet Union. This newspaper released a lot of propaganda that got the Soviet citizens to hate the United States and believe that their country was the best.

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