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Aqueous and Vitreous

David Lewerenz, OD, FAAO

This puzzle covers the anterior, posterior and vitreous chambers and the aqueous and vitreous humors, and also has clues to a famous movie. Alternative title: "What’s for breakfast?"

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2.Flow type in episcleral vein with both blood and aqueous humor
7.Gonio landmark just posterior to the scleral spur
8.Gonio landmark known for its attachments
9.Means by which most aqueous humor gets into posterior chamber
11.Vitreous proteoglycan
15.Vitreous proteoglycan
16.Vitreous traction can cause this with sudden loss of central vision
19.Drug category that lowers IOP by increasing uveoscleral outflow
20.This corneal layer is the anterior border of the anterior chamber
22.1985 film for this puzzle
23.Mr. Reed, the custodian
27.Important vitreous physical property
28.Vitreous collagen aggregates can cause this symptom
29.Where aqueous humor goes after filtering through the TM
31.Portion of vitreous with by far the most volume
33.Vitreous traction can cause this luminous symptom
38.Extraction of liquid from a gel
40.Andrew’s sport
43.Circular floater near optic disc
44."Canal" where aqueous meets vitreous
45.Namer of canal with primary vitreous
46.Posterior chamber “canal” crossed by zonules
47.Cell that makes hyaluronic acid
1.Simple Minds song played during opening and closing credits
3.It’s far more plentiful in both humors than in blood plasma
4.Type of ciliary body receptor that slows down aqueous production
5.Inner TM, with large holes
6.Thin layer of tissue between TM and Schlemm’s Canal
7.Gonio trick to locate Schwalbe’s Line
10.Unless “flare” there’s hardly any of this in anterior chamber
12.Part of vitreous most strongly attached
13.“Ligament” attaching vitreous to lens
14.Most anterior gonio landmark
17.Humorous fluid of anterior and posterior chambers
18.Gonio finding following trauma indicating tear in ciliary muscle
19.Vitreous fossa occupied by the lens
21.Secondary form of aqueous outflow
24.These giants on inner wall of Schlemm’s facilitate humor outflow
25.Surgical removal of ocular gel
26.Brian was a member of the math, Latin and _____ clubs
30.Portion of TM that’s darker and drains more aqueous
32.Vitreous traction can cause this peripheral problem
34.He reluctantly carried John’s weed in his pants
35.Claire’s lunch
36.Emilio, Anthony, Judd, Molly and Ally from this film are members
37.Thin, cell-dense portion of vitreous
39.Provides passage for aqueous humor between the chambers
41.Type of ciliary body receptor that speeds up aqueous production
42.Director John

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