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Strength/Concentration of solution

Irteza Naqvi

1 2
3 4     5            
7                       8
9 10                

3.Water and oil, oil and milk
6.Alcohol and water, milk and water
7.If amount of a solute is more than enough,
10.Contains maximum amount of solute.
11.contains less solute than a solution can hold
12.Moles of solute per kilogram of solvent
13.Sodium Chloride and water., sugar and water.
1.Contains more than maximum amount of solute.
2.If there is very less amount of solute in a solution
4.Concentration of a solution reprepresented by this ( Mole/Kg of solvent)
5.if 8 moles of a solute dissolved in 500 ml of a solution, its M will be ______.
6.Concentration of solution by this if Moles dissolved in Liter of solution.
8.Number of molesof solute per liter of solution
9.Choclate chips and milk, Rocks and water.

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