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TOB Chapter 3

Mr. Ed Tray

1 2

3.A happiness that was rooted in the perfect gift of love that was initiated by God, received in love and shared in love (2 Words)
5.The second telling of the creation of the world in the book of Genesis [First account focuses on grand scale of creation of the world, second focuses on creation as man/woman as the climax of all creation] (3 Words)
7.the period that begins with original sin and ends when Christ returns. Historical men and women are simultaneously fallen and redeemed in Christ (2 Words)
9.the original state when Adam realized he was alone because he was without a true companion; (2 Words)
10.The state of Adam and Eve prior to their knowledge of sin, (2 Words)
11.flaunting the body without inhibition/reserve/decorum; leads to sexual freedom
12.The first experience of Adam and Eve when they were naked without shame. Before original sin, lust did not even exist and all sexual desires were pure. (2 Words)
13.the human body not only as living with a soul, but also being a dwelling place of the Holy Spirit, through the grace of redemption. (2 Words)
1.nakedness that exists within the context of innocence and pure freedom, apart from lust. This is what Adam and Eve experienced before the Fall (3 Words)
2.The marital meaning of the body "the body's capacity of expressing love, that love precisely in which the person becomes a gift and fulfills their meaning" (5 Words)
4.The era of humanity in the "original experiences" before the Fall, up until the original sin of Adam and Eve (2 Words)
6.Believing you are better than others
8.the initial perfect unity between man and woman (2 Words)
9.Adam and Eve's abuse of their human freedom by disobeying God's command (2 Words)

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