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Bible Trivia Just For The Fun Of It

Pastor Greg Lilly

Do you know the answers?

1 2 3       4         5
8         9       10              
11 12     13  
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  23               24          
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34 35           36    
    37               38   39      
43             44 45
  46       47              
49   50      
51   52 53          
54             55
59     60      

3.David wrote that God loves the gate of here
4.Herod did not give God glory during his oration, was eaten by these and died
6.Jesus said that the devil was one of these
8.Saul ruled for this many years
9.Jesus raised the son of a woman from this city
10.Although the dwelling of the king, these creatures even live in kings' palaces
15.He plotted to have the entire Hebrew nation killed legally
17.According to Paul in 2 Thessalonians, the Lord is called the Lord of this
20.He was Jacob's twin
21.This was used to grind meal
22.Jesus said, I ______ from the cross
23.This disciple betrayed Jesus
24.He was murdered by Absolom's servants while drunk
25.David compared himself this this small insect when being chased by King Saul
26.David killed this giant for defying God
27.This is used to thresh wheat
29.She was John the Baptist's mom
33.This is another way for the Bible to say quarreling
35.This man invented the organ
37.This man delivered Israel by slaying 600 Philistines with an ox goad
39.Elijah prayed and it did not do this for three and a half years
40.This set upon Egypt for three days
41.Jacob dreamed about one of these which was set on earth but reached to heaven
42.This son of David led a revolt against him
43.This man was depressed because Jezebel vowed to kill him
46.Jesus fed _____ thousand with the lunch of a little lad
47.This prophet of God was struck dumb until God gave him a message
48.Isaiah saw God sitting upon this high and lifted up
50.He invented farming
51.He was the king of Bashan and also a giant
53.He was Samson's dad
54.For a man to do this after a woman is the same as committing adultery
56.This instrument was used to reap a ripe harvest
57.This was bread from heaven
58.Isaiah said that your sins would be as this
59.If a slave preferred to remain with his master rather than go free his ear was bore through with this
60.Upon God's command this man built an ark
1.Gideon fixed an angel a pot of this
2.David consented to this man's death
4.Moses struck the rock and this came out of it
5.Jesus was this before the disciples and they saw Moses and Elijah speaking with Him
7.Thomas was called this which means 'a twin'
10.Job put this one while mourning his losses
11.This is an individual who does not share the truth
12.This man lived 365 years and then was translated by God
13.Joseph was given this position over the land of Egypt
14.God hates those who condemn these people
15.This king ordered that all male children in Bethlehem be killed
16.Jesus said He was one of these and by Him a man can enter and be saved
17.Daniel preferred to eat this rather than eat the king's meat
18.John was exiled to this island for preaching about Jesus
19.This word is used in the Bible to describe various sexual sins
21.Moses cast a tree into the bitter waters of this place and made the water sweet
28.On this road Paul was struck blind
30.This woman was a seller of purple
31.This woman supplied David and his men with much needed food
32.The men of Sodom where struck with this condition when they came for the angels of God
34.The man let down on a bed before Jesus was sick of this
36.By these Jesus taught the multitude valuable spiritual lessons
37.This man defended the gospel before the Sanhedrin and lost his life
38.This man lived 912 years
39.This color in the sky means it will be fair weather
44.An angel of the Lord appeared to this man and commissioned him to save Israel from the Midianites
45.He judged Israel for ten years
49.She died giving birth to her son Benjamin
50.This was used to bind Paul while in Rome
52.God fed the nation of Israel with these birds in the wilderness
55.The queen of this land came to see just how great Solomon was

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