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Mastering Mark

Pastor Greg Lilly

Do you know these answers from the Gospel of Mark?

1 2 3
4       5 6          
9                   10       11
14               15          
  16 17    
  18             19            
  21                 22
23                 24

4.Jesus is the King of the _____
6.This title was given to Jesus and it means 'Teacher'
9.This murderer was freed and Jesus crucified
10.This was found empty at the end of the book
13.A blind man was brought to Jesus in this city and Jesus healed him
14.After feeding four thousand this number of baskets of fragments of meat were gathered
15.After feeding the five thousand this number of baskets of fragments were gathered
18.This is one of the greetings shouted at Jesus when He entered Jerusalem
19.This is what a wonder of God is called
21.Jesus was called this name which means 'prince of the devils'
23.The disciples told Jesus that some people believe He was this Old Testament person
25.The sons of this man asked Jesus to grant them set on His right and left hand in glory
1.She was the wife of Herod
2.This group of religious leaders does not believe in a resurrection
3.Jesus told the people that divorce was allowed because of the hardness of their what
5.This group of religious leaders came forth and began questioning Jesus seeking a sign from heaven
7.A damsel asked for the head of John the Baptist to be delivered upon this
8.The name of the evil spirit in the man of Gadara
10.Jesus was this before the disciples after going into a high mountain
11.A widow woman threw two of these coins into the treasury
12.He was the governor of Rome
14.When cast out the evil spirit in the man of Gadara asked to go into a herd of these
16.On this day you were supposed to rest
17.Jesus healed a man sick of palsy in this city
20.He was Levi's dad
22.This disciple betrayed Jesus
24.Simon was surnamed this

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