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Chapter 9 Crossword

Abby Fears

1         2     3             4
5         6  
7 8         9 10        
  14 15       16  
19                 20
  21 22          

1.Metallic elements tend to lose what?
5.What is the formula for a Hydrochloric acid?
8.When ___ nonmetallic elements combine they do so in more than 1 way.
10.what are a group of ionic compounds with unique properties?
11.Who postulated that atoms combine in whole-number ratios?
12.How many prefixes are used in binary code?
13.What types of processes use acid?
15.what do nonmetals gain to form?
17.sulfate ion is an example of what type of ion?
19.Binary _____ compounds are also composed of 2 elements.
22.What compound is composed of 2 elements?
23.Acid is a compound that contains 1 or more __ atoms and produces hydrogen ions which dissolve water.
24.What ionic compound produces hydroxide ions when dissolved in wate?
2.___ of transition metals are often strongly colored.
3.What law is consistent with Dalton's atomic theory?
4.___ is formed when a automobile battery discharges.
6.What compound is added to laundry water to bleach fabrics?
7.to write the formula of a binary molecule compound what must you use 1st?
9.Bases are named in the same way as other ____ compounds.
14.If you know the name of an acid you can write its____?
16.what is the charge of a nonmetallic ion?
18.How many guidelines are there to help you name chemical compounds?
20.How many guidelines are there to name a binary molecular compound?
21.Shells of _____ animals are composed of calcium carbonate.

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