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David Lewerenz, OD, FAAO

This puzzle covers the embryology of the eye, as well as some general concepts of embryology and clues to a famous movie. Alternative title: "Who's that singing Daisy Bell?"

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1.Developmental stage of "Star Child" at end of movie
7.Each one mysteriously triggers an evolutionary shift in the movie
8.Influence of a group of cells on the development of nearby cells
13.Last part of the retina to get central retinal artery branches
14.Most common neural tube defect
15.Name of sentient, evil computer
16.Score which quickly summarize the health of newborn
17.Gestation of less than 37 weeks
21.Name of 1968 film for this puzzle: "2001: _____________"
25.Fertilized egg
26.The film is about voyage to this planet
27.Dr. David _____ sees older version of himself near end of film
29.Original source of both of the iris muscles
30.Process that results in three germ layers
33.Absence of eye since birth
35.Line in epiblast that is first sign of embryo orientation
39.Neural tube is the result of this process
40.Small eye since birth
41.Stage from conception through week 8
42.Germ layer that doesn't contribute to ocular structures
43.Layer of iris formed by second wave of neural crest
1.Stage from 9 weeks to birth
2.State between zygote and blastocyst
3.When the iris is minimal or absent
4.Type of lens fibers formed by posterior epithelium
5.CB nonpigmented epithelium derives from this layer of optic cup
6.Director Stanley
9.Forms the corneal endothelium and stroma
10.Failure of optic fissure to close
11.Mobile, mostly mesodermal cells that make connective tissue, etc
12.First two words of song sung by computer
18.Layer of iris formed from same source as corneal endothelium
19.Last part of sclera to develop
20.Layer of cornea formed by first wave of neural crest
22.The process of visible cell changes following determination
23.Blood vessel which supplies posterior lens
24.When a cell looks unchanged but its destiny as a cell is locked
28.Blue _____, a Johann Strauss II waltz to space travel by
31.Name of blood vessel which nourishes the anterior lens in utero
32.Iris epithelium formed from inner layer of optic cup
34.CB epithelium formed by outer layer of optic cup
36.German composer of fanfare theme used in movie, Richard ____
37.Iris anterior epithelium derives from this layer of the optic cup
38.Part of retina still not fully developed at birth

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