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Skull and Orbit

David Lewerenz, OD, FAAO

This puzzle covers the bones of the skull and the bones and other structures that make up the orbit. It also has clues to a famous movie. Alternative title: "Fourth in the Franchise".

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2.Lies between anterior and posterior lacrimal crests
4.Henry's moniker
5.Mandibular nerve passes through this foramen
7.Plenty of fat here, regardless of your BMI
8.Palpable notch most of the time
9.They keep MR and LR from over doing it
12.Air cell voice resonators
13.This groove becomes a canal and then a foramen
16.Provides passage for II
18.Bones formed from cartilage template
19.Orbital wallpaper
20.Suture that joins parietals to occipital
22.Bone that forms largest portion of orbital floor
24.Bulging eye
27.This Cate plays a Soviet agent in the film
29.This orbital fissure is the gap between lateral wall and floor
30.Tendinous ring of recti origin
34.L-shaped bone that forms tiny portion of the orbital floor
37.Less serious cellulitis
39.Franchise creator George
42.Eponymous suspensory "ligament"
43.This orbital fissure is the gap between greater & lesser wings
45.They warm and filter our inhalations
48.Suture that joins the parietals
51.State of kidnapping
52.Movie's deadly carnivores of the order Hymenoptera
53.Serious cellulitis
1.Plays Dr. Jones
3.Common point of attachment on zygomatic
6.Protagonist’s profession
10.Star of this film also featured in this mega franchise
11.Bone that forms most of the orbital roof
14.Maxillary nerve passes through this foramen
15.Thinnest orbital wall
17.Bone that forms the inferior-posterior portion of nasal septum
21.Bone with squamous and petrous portions
23.Very small bone with a fossa
25.Bone that has the inion
26.Indiana’s given name
28.Frontal bone has fossa for this gland
31.Pituitary is set in this bone’s saddle
32.Orbital wall formed by zygomatic and sphenoid greater wing
33.Director Steven
35.Orbital wall most likely to be involved in a blowout fracture
36.Jaw bone
38.Only non-paired sinus
40.Protagonist's son he didn't know he had
41.Kind of skull this 2008 movie is named for
44.Skull’s largest foramen
46.Suture that joins parietals to frontal
47.Bone which forms largest portion of the medial wall
49.Orbital _____ provides barrier between eyelids and orbit
50.Glasses rest on this pair of bones

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