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Adnexa and Lacrimal

David Lewerenz, OD, FAAO

This puzzle covers the eye's adnexa and lacrimal system. It also has clues to a famous movie. Alternative title: "Call me…El Duderino if you're not into the whole brevity thing".

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1.French dude who named this epi-episcleral capsular layer
2.Extra row of winkers
6.Arcing eyelid vascular network
7.Portion of orbicularis responsible for spontaneous blink
9.Retrograde fluid flap finder (a dude)
11.Where bulbar meets palpebral
15.Space between a dude's eyelid margins
18.Palpebral ligament with forked attachment
19.The Dude's favorite drink
20.Where upper and lower eyelid margins meet
22.They carry sensory info from bulbar conjunctiva to nasociliary
23.The Dude's bowling nemesis
26.Palpebral canalicular opening
27.They provide some rigidity for eyelids
30.Like molecular fingers into the mucous layer
33."Religious" movement inspired by the film
34.Plays a cowboy who sees story unfold from a third party view
36.The big dude of ocular sebaceous secretion
39.Painless meibomian granuloma
43.We have about 150 above and 75 below
47.Type of hordeolum involving Meibomian gland
48.This dude named tiny aqueous glands in palpebral conjunctiva
49.What The Dude does best
50.Cell that's a mucin maker
51.Tear layer with antibacterial properties
52.When tears overfloweth
53.Secondary palpebral retractor named for this dude
1.When a cilium goes to the dark, abrading side
3.1998 film in this puzzle
4.Main sensory nerve of lower eyelid
5.Eyelid closer
8.He played "The Dude"
10.Redundant folds of eyelid skin in an elderly dude
12.Jeff L's preferred moniker
13.Directors Joel and Ethan
14.Follicular oil gland named for this dude
15.A nictitating vestige?
16.Junction of keratinization contrast
17.Most tears enter the puncta ______ a blink
21.Stem cell area for bulbar conjunctiva and cornea
24.Anti-evaporative tear layer
25.What the superior palpebral levator becomes, toward the end
28.Type of skin fold that makes a dude's eyes look crossed
29.Gland activated by iPhone falling in toilet
31.Innervator of primary palpebral retractor
32.Surgical landmark between cilia and oily pores
35.Corrugator and procerus innervator
37.Modified skin with glands and hair at medial canthus
38.This dude named aqueous glands mostly near fornix
40.Dude who discovered orbicularis fibers that hold lid against eye
41.Dude who discovered superior transverse ligament
42.This dude discovered an eyelid gland that sweats
44.Type of rodent which attacks The Dude in the bathtub
45.Deep, dark conjunctival injection
46.Dude who discovered orbicularis fibers near lacrimal sac

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