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Extraocular Muscles

David Lewerenz, OD, FAAO

This puzzle covers the eye's extraocular muscle system. Watch out for some extraocular true and near homophones. It also has clues to a famous movie. Alternative title: "Your mind makes it real!"

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1.When eyes are aligned when open but not when closed
3.Bad guys of the film
7.1999 movie for this puzzle, also a simulated reality
9.Two EOMs which act together to produce a binocular movement
10.Rectus with origin closest to limbus
15.Functional unit of a myofibril
16.LR innervator
20.RMR yoke muscle for levoversion
23.Increases EOM action by shortening muscle
26.Rapid ocular to-and-fro
28.Primary action of SR
30.Some make chowder from this extraocular mussel
35.It diminishes perceived motion when eyes move
37.Rectus with forked origin
38.If adducted 55 degrees the SO's action is pure…
39.H band's sole protein filament
40.SO innervator
42.Form of nystagmus we all have if we watch moving objects
43.He cuddled up to her in an extraocular ______
44.Name of arteries that continue on from recti
45.A kiss from this hacker brings our protagonist to life
46.Links nuclei of yoke muscles
2.She prophesizes The One
4.Each rectus muscle has an orbital and a ______ portion
5.Speedy Gonzales of eye movements
6.Color vision theorist who gave us law of equal EOM innervation
8.Decreases muscle action by moving insertion posteriorly
11.RLR yoke muscle for dextroversion
12.Some place an extraocular muzzle on this animal when walking it
13.I band's sole protein filament
14.Directors Lana (formerly Larry) and Lilly (formerly Andrew)
17.If adducted 51 degrees the IO's action is pure…
18.Bone of trochlea attachment
19.Color of pill Neo takes
21.Innervates four EOMs plus levator
22.Plays Neo
24.Primary action of MR
25.Bone from which the inferior oblique takes its origin
27.Muscle whose action works against that of another muscle
29.Primary action of LR
31.Primary action of IR
32.Gaze where RSR and LIO are primary elevators
33.Recti origin: Common _______ ring
34.Captain of the Nebuchadnezzar
36.Charles who gave us the law of reciprocal EOM innervation
41.Muscle whose action is synergistic to another muscle

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