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L Creel

Revision of unit 3 Sustainability for Environmental Science.

1 2
3   4                        

4.are chemicals that are used in agriculture including fertilisers, pesticides, herbicides and insecticides
6.a finite resource which will one day run out
9.the layer of gases in the Earth’s atmosphere which trap heat in the atmosphere and is essential for life (2 Words)
13.all types of farming that involve the farmer putting in high levels of input in terms of capital, labour or technology to produce high yields (2 Words)
14.70% recycling of all waste in Scotland by 2025. (3 Words)
1.the way in which we need to meet the needs of people (societies) all over the world now and in the future
2.taking DNA from one species and putting it in another (2 Words)
3.Any substance that is capable of being decomposed by decay micro-organisms.
5.the total carbon dioxide produced as a result of eating a particular food (2 Words)
7.overfished to the point where there populations have gone into decline and their ecosystems have been severely affected
8.farming which does not use artificial chemicals (2 Words)
10.the distance food travels from where it is produced to where it is consumed (2 Words)
11.the amount of carbon used to produce it is offset (balanced) by the amount of carbon it takes in (2 Words)
12.allows fishing to happen only in certain areas allowing fish stocks to recover

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