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Metals recap

Sharon Jones

Chemistry - recap of the properties of metals, redox reactions

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1.A chemical equation that shows all the ions involved in the solutions for the reaction (2 Words)
8.Ions that do not undergo any change duuring a reaction
10.An alloy consisting of 30-60% tin with lead
13.Identify a property of stainless steel (2 Words)
16.Identify the compound formed when lithium reacts with oxygen (2 Words)
18.Identify a property of aluminium (2 Words)
20.First metal to be extracted from its ore
21.A large amount of ________ is needed to extract a metal from its ore
25.Means loss of electrons
26.A chemical equation that shows the actual ionic species that undergo change (2 Words)
27.Tin and lead react very slowly with dilute acid, how could we speed up this reaction?
28.Reactions that describe reduction and oxidation processes separately (2 Words)
30.Identify the gas formed when a metal reacts with water
31.A homogenous mixture of a metal with one or more other elements
32.Metal extracted from its ore by blowing air into the fire to get a high enough temperature
2.Another name for a redox reaction (2 Words)
3.A disadvantage of iron and steel
4.Able to be beaten or rolled into thin sheets
5.An alloy consisting of 50-60% copper with zinc
6.A chemical equation that shows the actual chemical substances in a reaction (2 Words)
7.A compound or mixture of compounds from which it is economic to extract the desired substance
8.An alloy of iron with <2% carbon
9.A measure of how well a material resist bending, twisting or stretching (2 Words)
10.Identify the compound formed when a metal reacts with a dilute acid
11.Identify the compound formed when zinc reacts with hydrochloric acid (2 Words)
12.Able to be drawn into thin wires
13.A reaction where oxidation and reduction occur
14.Identify the compound formed when sodium reacts with water (2 Words)
15.Identify the compound formed when zinc reacts with sulfuric acid (2 Words)
17.True or false - reduction and oxidation do not occur simultaneously
19.Coating iron or steel with zinc to protect it from corrosion
22.Means gain of electrons
23.A metal used in electrical wiring, pipes and plumbing fittings
24.A pure/nearly pure crystalline compound that occurs in the Earth's crust
29.All metals except silver, platinum and ____ react with oxygen to form oxides

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