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TOB Chapter 8

Mr. Ed Tray

1                   2
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1.placing oneself 'under the mission' of another, surrendering to someone
3.sacrament of Marriage as it was in the beginning- the original revelation of God's love in the world (2 Words)
8.letter written by the Pope, usually intended to teach or clarify a doctrine of Faith
9.a ​comparison of the ​features or ​qualities of two different things to show ​their similarities
10.general method of preventing pregnancy through various ways of altering the body's natural state (2 Words)
11.action taken before, during, and after sexual intercourse to prevent it from being procreative
13.God protected him for his long life with his bride, Sarah
1.scriptural imagery using the earthly understanding of marriage to convey to power and fidelity of God's love for humans (2 Words)
2.term referring to various effective, natural, and moral methods for achieving or postponing pregnancy (3 Words)
4.Marriage is not based upon finding the perfect person but upon loving the ? person you have chosen to marry
5.hormone released by the pituitary gland during childbirth, breastfeeding, and intercourse that causes emotional bonding
6.strong feelings of curiosity or attraction rooted in the physical appearance of another person
7.Pope who wrote Humanae Vitae (2 Words)
12.Greek term for unconditional and sacrificial love

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