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Countdown Time


1 2             3
  4 5                  
6           7            
      8 9                  
10       11    
12                                             13
            15 16 17  
19   20                            

2.this branch interprets the law
5.presiding officer at the Constituional Convention
6.the location of the Constituional Convention
9.the division of powers between the national and state government
12.the meeting to discuss the revision of the Articles Confederation
14.to collect
20.first ten amendments to the constitution
22.the author of the Declaration of Independence
23.rights that belongs only to the states
24.the writer of The Leviathan
25.this document signed in 1215 that limited the powers of the monarch
1.the first constitution of the United States
3.law-making branch
4.to approve
7.this branch enforces the laws
8.a revolt against the state of Massachusetts by the farmers
10.powers that the state and national government shares
11.one of the roles of the president plays when he is consulting with the military officials
13.rights that you are born with that the government can not take away
15.Father of the Constitution
16.only state that did not attend the Constituional Convention
17.a blueprint for government
18.the president in charge heads his political party
21.an Enlightenment philosopher who influenced the founders

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