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Greek Mythology

CRJH Library

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2.Husband of Persephone.
7.Medea helped Jason secure the golden ____.
8.Ruler of the sea and brother of Zeus.
10.Flew too close to the sun.
12.Penelope's suitors were forced to bend a bow and shoot an arrow through twelve ____.
13.Witch with a penchant for turning men into pigs.
15.Husband of Aphrodite and blacksmith to the Olympians.
17.Titan who kept Odysseus prisoner before his return home.
20.Goddess of the harvest.
21.Punisher of those with too much pride, Narcissus in particular.
1.Defied all odds and the wrath of Aphrodite to become the wife of Eros.
3.Titan who swallowed all but one of his children whole.
4.Completed twelve labors.
5.God of war.
6.One-eyed son of Poseidon blinded by Odysseus.
9.Brought the Apple of Discord to the banquet that began the Trojan War.
11.Goddess of the moon and the hunt.
14.Designed the Trojan horse and was prevented from returning home for 20 years.
16.Mother of Perseus.
18.Goddess of wisdom, born of her father's headache.
19.The famous Gorgon killed by Perseus.

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