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Extra Credit

1 point for each correct answer

1 2 3 4 5
  6                 7    
  8       9          
    11                                   12  
    13             14                      
15                             16 17         18        
    21         22
24                 25    
28       29          
30               31      
      32 33                
    34                   35
  36 37 38                
    40               41            
42           43                

6.The “big” beat
9.Composer who wrote operas and then oratorios
11.She was a composer, healer, and feminist in the middle ages
13.The highest singing voice
14.Term for a span of pitches in a song from the lowest to the highest
15.One of the first notated rounds
17.He helped break down musical racial barriers
19.Comedic Italian opera
23.Madrigals often used the technique of _______
24.A tonality that is often described as sad, spooky, scary
26.Two eighth notes equal one __________________
27.The text of an opera
28.The first note of a major scale
29.A highly emotional song in an opera
30.A melody that moves by small intervals is said to be this
33.The little beat
34.Beethoven wrote nine of these
38.Don Giovanni’s sidekick
39.A repeated pattern in music (Pachelbel used this)
40.The first accented beat of a group of beats
41.The space in music notation that is between two barlines
42.Organizing patterns of rhythmic pulses
43."English" name for Rigoletto composer
1.What most pop songs are
2.Unaccompanied vocal music
3.Madrigal composer who was a murder and a madman
4.What not to do between movements
5.The orchestral introduction heard at the beginning of an opera
7.To hear music in the mind
8.Porgy and Bess composer
10.A map of the sequence of high and low pitches in a melody
12.Ring Cycle composer
16.The scale that only uses 5 notes
18.Copland’s “Hoedown” from Rodeo was used to advertise this product
20.A concordant or agreeable combination of tones
21.The simultaneous use of two or more rhythmic patterns
22.The distance between two notes
25.The vocal style in opera that imitates the natural inflections of speech
28.The musical term for various volume levels
30.The three notes that make up a C major chord
31.Cathedral in Paris - the birthplace of organum
32.The 5th note of a major scale
35.A style of singing that features lyrical agility and purity of tone
36.How many notes an octave spans
37.He wrote many variations on “Twinkle”

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