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animal review

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1.narrow chamber that shoots water to proper cephalopods forward
4.clams, scallops, oysters, and mussels
9.layers of soft muscle tissue that hold an softens food until it goes to the gizzard
12.very sharp chain like teeth
14.a flightless bird
15.lower chambers of the heart
19.outside layer of skin that surrounds the internal glands of mollusks
20.mammals that range from bats to whales
21.frogs and toad
23.crustaceans get oxygen with these structures
26.this is how some amphibians survive the cold
27.small crustacean that is a major link in the marine food chain
28.pouched mammals that give birth very early
32.reptiles are this kind of eater
33.arthropods with one pair of legs per segment
36.mass of soil, mud, or sand thrown up by an earthworm
37.releases powder on feathers for water proofing
39.upper chambers of the heart
41.study of fish
43.cephalopds shoot this distract predators
44.tiny holes in the side of the body that some arthropods use to breathe
47.animals that have no backbone
48.aquatic arthropods that have a body covered with a hard shell
49.helps keep fish afloat
50.tubules that empty into junction between midgut and to the hindgut
53.snails and slugs
56.85% of all known animals in the world are in this class
57.color of insects blood
58.collection of internal organs and the digestive system of mollusk
59.newts and salamanders
1.segmented structures on worms
2.type of circulatory system in arthropods
3.this fish in the school is in control
5.some arthropods use these to see in the dark
6.bony fish have this many chambers in their heart
7.outer layer of living tissue on segmented worms
8.large birds that hunt and kill other animals
10.gill cover
11.midsection of insects
16.warm air pockets that give birds elevation
17.eggs of amphibians lack this nutrient
18.this substances in the stomach of amphibians break down food
22.egg-laying mammals
24.adaptation of mammals that live in the arctic
25.fish that can swim backwards
29.one species evolves to look like another species
30.tube that goes from kidneys to cloaca in birds
31.organ that stores vitamins and makes bile
34.class name of hagfish and lamprey
38.organs that help desert mammals live on small amounts of matter
40.yellow-green liquid that helps absorb and digest food
42.squid and octopi
45.types of bones that allow birds to good their feathers
46.spines of jawless fish are made of this
51.organ that kneads and crushes food
52.type of bones in birds
54.scales on reptiles prevent them from absorbing this gas
55.pearls start off as this inside the mollusk

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