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Mythology crossword puzzle

faith and maddie

1 2
3 4       5 6          
  7   8    
    10                   11
12             13          
  14                 15          
  17   18   19    
20               21                    
    23                   24          
        26 27            
      28                 29
  31 32 33   34      
36             37      

4.mother earth
6.50 headed monster
9.punishment is pushing rock up the hill then watching it roll back down
10.god of the sea, older brother of zeus
12.kind of Crete and one the the judges of the underworld
13.son of Aphrodite
14.gave birth to the Minotaur
15.gray-eyed goddess
16.extreme pride
20.built the labyrinth and escaped it
21.thrown off mount. Olympus
23.guard of the underworld
24.drives the sun chariot
27.mother of wealth, mother of Persephone
28.goes in to the underworld and tries to save his wife
30.She married Eros
34.goddess of marriage
35.goddess of the right order
36.opened the box and let all evil out
37.god of all gods
39.God of war
1.god of the underworld
2.gave all traits to all the spices except for humans
3.punishment is the one who spins on the wheel
5.married Hephaestus
7.Orpheus' wife
8.Creator of man kind
11.son of Daedalus
17.mortal message
18.god of peaceful death
19.study of casues
20.twice born god, god of wine
25.god of the hunt
26.messager god
29.mother of Dionysus
31.can't eat or drink in the underworld
32.father of time
33.Gaia's husband
39.Temperately maddness

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