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Mythology Cross puzzle

1 2 3
4 5               6        
7   8   9          
        13           14        
16                 17
19 20       21            
22               23      

4.3 headed dog that guards under world
6.putting others before you
9.the wayfinder
10.daughter of zeus and dione
13.taught animals and mankind skills and gave characteristics
16.grey eyed one
18.used to get pased the charon
20.god of death
22.god of the season
23.Wields a lightning bolt
24.zeus' dad
1.stole fire for mankind
2.the son zeus always wanted/An above all son
3.daughter of demeter
5.the cause or reason for something
7.takes you across the river styx
8.was locked in a maze on crete
10.a story, poem, or picture that can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning, typically a moral or political one
11.god of the sea
12.ordered the building of the labrynth
14.best blacksmith
15.was best mortal weaver
17.zeus' wife
19.god of the underworld
21.sees everything

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