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Crossword of the Gods

Aaron and Kyle

Review of Mythology.

2 3 4  
5             6 7        
  8     9            
  11 12                 13            
14               15      
    17                 18 19
    20   21              
24                 25              
27       28              
29 30  

5.Mother of Persephone
7.Imprisoned in Tartarus for trying to sleep with Hera
9.Greatest human musician, trained by Apollo
12.Born of seafoam
13.Believed she was a better weaver than Athena
14.Messenger god
16.Had the epithet of strong-armed
17.Designed the labyrinth for Minos
21.Three headed dog who guarded the entrance to the underworld
22.Ruler of the sea
24.Explaining why
25.Son of Daedalus
26.Youngest titan who overthrew his father
27.His signature weapon is the thunderbolt
28.Mother of the minotaur
31.God of death
33.Mother of Dionysus
34.Far-shooting ?
35.Drew the shortest straw in finding who would rule what
36.Father of the titans, hundred-handed giants, and cyclopes
1.Distributed the traits to the creatures of Earth
2.Married to the king of the gods
3.Temporary madness
4.Twin of Apollo
6.Imprisoned on a mountain to have his liver eaten by an eagle for eternity
8.Wife of Orpheus
10.Overwhelming pride
11.Forced to push a rock up a hill only to have it slide back down
12.Male god of war
13.A story having multiple meanings
14.Goddess of the hearth
15.The Earth
17.God of partying and wine
18.Being hospitable to strangers
19.Wife of Eros
20.Son of Zeus and Europa
21.Ferried the dead across the river Styx
23.Forced to always be hungry and thirsty only to have food and drink cringe away from him
24.God of love and son of Aphrodite
29.Woman crafted by Hephaestus as a bride for Epimethius to punish the mortals by tricking her into giving them all the evils of the world
30.Born of Zeus's skull
32.Son of Tartarus and Gaia

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