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Nervous System

Mrs. Smuczynski

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1.Colorful, shiny blue material found behind the retina that reflects back light through the retinal giving some animals good night vision
4.Thick clear jelly found in the CENTER of the eye that helps give the eyeball its shape
5.A colorful, circular muscle that controls how much light enters the eye; reason for change in the size of the pupil
9.Another name for a neuron
10.The part of a nerve cell that carries impulses away from the cell body
12.Clear hard but flexible structure that can change its shape while focusing on objects that are close up or far away
14.The small space between two neurons or between a neuron add a muscle cell that an impulse must "hop"
16.Name for the two halves of the brain (cerebrum)
17.Type of photoreceptor cells found in the retina that activate in dim light
19.Made up of the brain and spinal cord
20.Thick, tough, clear protective covering over the iris and pupil; can get cloudy when diseased
21.Thick, tough white outer covering of the eyeball
22.A message carried by a neuron in the form of an electrical signal
23.Reaction to a stimulus
24.Thin, clear fluid that help the cornea keeps its shape
2.Made up of all the nerves coming OFF the brain and spinal cord
3.Hole in the eye that lets light into the inner eye; appears as a white dot; its size is controlled by the iris
6.Nerve cells that carry electrical messages from the brain and spinal cord to the muscles to respond
7.The widest part of a nerve cell that houses the neuron's nucleus
8.Nerve cells that carry messages from the environment to the spinal cord and brain
11.Place where the optic nerve is attached to the retina; does NOT carry messages to the brain about what is being seen
13.Thick, tough bundle of nerve fibers found in the back of each eye that carry messages from the retina to the brain about what we see
15.The largest brain region; its wrinkled surface is divided into two hemispheres and our thinking & learning happens here
18.The parts of a nerve cell that receives impulses from stimuli or another nerve cell
20.Type of photoreceptor cells found in the retina that allow us to see colors in bright light

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