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CST - Chapter 6

Mr. Ed Tray

1 2     3       4
5   6                

2.These laws tried to circumvent the effects of the Civil Rights Amendments (2 Words)
6.people of mixed European and Native American ancestry.
8.This system has contributed to the high poverty rate of Native Americans
10.He taught that external differences among people are nothing compared to oneness in Jesus Christ
12.She was the founder of the first and only Catholic university for African Americans. (2 Words)
13.Awareness of the biologically determined superiority of one’s own race or ethnic group
1.manual laborers
3.Persons of Mexican-American heritage
4.Trail of Tears (3 Words)
5.A long-standing policy in South Africa of strict racial segregation
6.Persons of mixed European and African heritage
7.this type of racism exhibits itself in societal structures that keep certain groups from gaining their rights.
9.Substandard housing
11.The largest Hispanic American group in the United States is from

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