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sem 2 rev 9th PS

1                                     2 3
    4 5
6   7               8                           9
10                                         11     12          
13     14           15                    
17     18              
      19                           20             21    
    22   23                        
24                     25
    26 27                        
        28 29 30  
31   32               33               34                
35                             36   37        
  38       39              
40       41     42                    
  44           45               46      
                    47 48
    49               50                
51                             52    
            53   54    
      55 56 57                
58                     59          

1.force of attraction acting between two objects
6.waves that require a medium to travel through
8.reaction in which a single compound breaks down to form two or more simple substances
10.how much a machine multiplies force or distance
11.reaction in which two or more substances combine to form a new compound
13.force that opposes the movement of two moving objets
16.the oxidation of an organic compound in which heat is released
18.matter through which a wave travel
19.used to turn energy from the sun into chemical energy
20.distance between two successive identical parts of a wave
23.they occur at the boundary between two different mediums
24.huge surface waves on the ocean caused by an earthquake
26.rate at which velocity changes per time
31.reduces the transfer of energy as heat
33.force in the direction opposite of motion
34.`number of complete waves that pass a given point in a certain time
35.these produce motion
38.the rate at which work is done
41.measure of the average kinetic energy within an object
44.transfer of energy to a body by applying a force that causes motion
45.device used to measure the amount of nuclear radiation
49.particle made of 2 protons and 2 neutrons
50.substance that will slow the rate of the reaction
51.unstable nucleus emits one or more particles or energy in the form of EMR
57.ending substances in a reaction
58.coils of a wave are further apart
59.2 inclined planes back to back
60.disturbance that transfers energy through matter or space
2.continuous series of nuclear fission reactions
3.mass of an object times its velocity
4.action exerted on a body in order to change its state of rest or motion
5.type of reaction in which a single heavy nuclei is broken down
7.representation of a chemical reaction that uses symbols to show relationships between reactants and products
9.reaction in the sun and stars
12.waves that move at right angles to the direction of the medium
14.protein that speed up a metabolic reaction
15.tendency for an object to resist a change in motion
17.force of gravity of a person or object at the surface of a planet
21.high energy photon emitted by the nucleus
22.energy of motion
25.starting substances in a reaction
27.coils of a wave are close together
28.ratio off useful work output to work input
29.waves produced by an earthquake
30.substance that is acted on by an enzyme
32.force that resists the initial movement of an object at rest
36.designing an object to reduce fluid friction
37.reaction in which heat is given off
39.breakdown of organic molecules to release energy
40.a rection in which heat is taken on
42.energy of position
43.temperature at which energy is at its lowest possible point
46.gas produced when uranium nuclei decays
47.substance that changes the rate of a reaction without being used up
48.most common substance used to find the age of organic substances
52.lowest part of a wave
53.distance an object covers divided by its time
54.inclined plane wrapped around a cylinder
55.energy transferred between objects from warm to cool
56.charged electrons, move quickly

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