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AP Calculus Crossword

Remy Clodfelter

Word Bank
Absolute Maximum, Absolute Minimum, Acceleration, Antiderivative, Asymptote, Chain Rule, Concave Down, Concave Up, Continuous, Critical Point, Delta, Derivative, Differentiation, Domain, Endpoints, Even Function, Extreme Value Theorem, First Derivative, George, Hole, Horizontal Asymptote, Horst, Leading Coefficient, Limit, Local Extrema, Marlon, Odd Function, Optimization, Point of Inflection, Power Rule, Product Rule, Quotient Rule, Range, Related Rates, Relative Maximum, Relative Minimum, Relles Bucks, Riemann Sums, Second Derivative, Sigma Notation, Slope, Speed, Tangent Line, Third Derivative, Twenty Four, Unit Circle, Velocity, Vertical Asymptote, XIntercept, YIntercept

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14                         15        
  17                     18                        
          24   25
  28               29  
        30                         31          
        33 34 35      
        37     38                    
43                     44                          
45                   46                

3.f(x) = f'(g(x)) * g'(x) (2 Words)
6.The distance covered in a unit of time
8.f(x) = f'(x) * g(x) + g'(x) * f(x) or FDS + SDF (2 Words)
13.All of the possible y values
14.A process that maximizes or minimizes some quantity to have the best fit
17.A function that has no asymptotes or holes is ...
18.The notation used to help figure out the area under a curve (2 Words)
20.The highest point in a function (2 Words)
21.f'(x) (2 Words)
22.If a function is closed and continuous, the function will have a min. and a max (3 Words)
26.The value that a function approaches as x approaches another value
27.The lowest point in a particular section of the graph (2 Words)
30.A function that is symmetrical over the y-axis (2 Words)
31.The last name of our third and final AP Calculus teacher (hint - came a little too late)
36.The coefficient of the term of highest degree (2 Words)
38.f''(x) = a negative number (2 Words)
39.A circle whose center is the origin; used to solve trigonometric functions (2 Words)
40.The number of students in AP Calculus (2 Words)
41.f'''(x) (2 Words)
43.The point where a line or curve crosses the y-axis
44.A point where the graph as a peak or valley (2 Words)
45.The slope of a line tangent to a function
46.f''(x) = a positive number (2 Words)
47.f(x) = Low D High - High D Low/ Low squared (2 Words)
1.The last name of our second AP Calculus teacher (hint - talked about The Bachelor)
2.The asymptote found by setting the bottom equal to 0 (2 Words)
4.The sum of the imaginary rectangles under a curve that helps find the area (2 Words)
5.A function that is symmetrical over the origin (2 Words)
7.f'(x) = 0 (2 Words)
9.A removable discontinuity or removable singularity
10.The name of the triangle that symbolizes change
12.f''(x) = 0 (3 Words)
13.Rates of change that are related by differentiation (2 Words)
15.The asymptote found by looking at the leading coefficient (2 Words)
16.The highest point in a particular section of the graph (2 Words)
19.The rate of change in velocity over time
20.The lowest point in a function (2 Words)
23.All of the possible x values
24.The first name of our first AP Calculus teacher (hint - has a lot of nice cars)
25.A line that touches a curve at a point but doesn't cross it (2 Words)
27.The currency used in AP Calculus (2 Words)
28.A line or curve that follows closely but never touches
29.f''(x) (2 Words)
32.Points on the end of a function
33.The point where a line or curve crosses the x-axis
34.The rate of change in the position of an object
35.An indefinite intergral
37.X^n = nX ^ n-1 (2 Words)
42.The rate of change in a graph or the steepness of a graph

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