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Vocabulary Unit 1-4

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1.the organization of non-pitched sounds in time.
4.an accidental that lowers the pitch of a note one half step.
11.the clef used for higher voices/instruments, as well as the right hand on the piano. (G clef)
12.the original writer of a musical composition
13.in a song, having two or more notes at once within one voice part.
14.a form of rhythmic organization
15.the lowest male voice, usually written in bass clef
18.tells the musician to repeat the section.
20.to stress or emphasize a note over others around it
22.the clear pronunciation of the text using the lips, teeth, and tongue.
23.the five horizontal lines and resulting spaces on which notes are places to show pitch.
24.all written notes and symbols which are used to represent music.
26.the distance between two pitches
30.when two staves are grouped together and are intended to be played simultaneously, usually by a piano.
33.an accidental that raises the pitch of a note one half step.
34.a group of beats divided by bar lines.
37.the main or central note of a piece of music. Each key has its own scale that begins and ends on the note that defines it.
38.the highest treble voice, usually written in treble clef
2.the smallest distance between two notes on a keyboard.
3.indicates the end of a section or piece of music.
5.symbols that move the pitch up or down a half step.
6.a group of singers or the refrain of a song
7.the symbol at the beginning of the staff that defines the lines and spaces.
8.the group of sharps or flats and the beginning of the staff that indicate the key.
9.short lines used to extend the lines and spaces of the staff.
10.the accented first beat of the measure.
16.the clef used for lower voices/instruments, as well as the left hand on the piano. (F clef)
17.the highness or lowness of musical sounds.
19.accuracy of pitch
21.three or more pitches sounding at the same time.
22.singing without instrumental accompaniment
25.the person who takes an already existing composition and reorganizes it to fit a new instrumentation or voicing.
27.an accidental that cancels a previous sharp or flat.
28.a group of musicians who perform together.
29.a vertical line that divides the staff into smaller sections called measures.
31.a symbol telling the musician to hold the indicated note as long as is interpreted by the director or performer.
32.musical tones that sound simultaneously with the melody to create a pleasing effect.
35.the male voice higher than bass and lower than alto, usually written in treble clef.
36.the predominant musical line in a song.
39.the lowest treble voice, usually written in treble clef

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