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Vocbaulary Unit 5-8

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  5   6
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34                     35

4.a song of English origin dating back to the Middle Ages with subject matter pertaining to the Virgin Mary or Christmas
7.a strong accent on a note
9.a serious vocal composition generally for solo voice and piano.
13.2/2 time, the half note equals one beat.
14.medium soft
19.medium or walking tempo
20.the speed of the beat
21.fast tempo
24.becoming faster, a gradual increase in tempo
26.a French term in use since the middle ages describing a wide range of poetry and song.
28.another name for the meter 4/4.
31.follows an extreme diminuendo (decrescendo) to indicate a fading to nothingness.
32.a song sung by sailors in rhythm with their work.
33.alternation between two performers or groups of performers, often used in spirituals, this technique begins with a leader singing a phrase followed by a response of the same phrase by a second group.
34.moderate tempo
36.return to the original tempo
37.the style feature include frequent use of polyphony; fast, motor-like rhythms, and the use of the chorale.
38.the loudness or softness of a line of music
39.a rhythm and song style, originally from Trinidad, that often contains satirical lyrics.
40.the style features emphasized the balance of phrase and structure.
2.a narrative song dealing with dramatic episodes; a simpler, sentimental song; have been passed down orally for generations
3.one of America’s unique contributions to Western music. Style includes elements of syncopation, blue notes, and many elements found in spirituals of the early American slaves.
5.gradually growing louder
6.an incomplete measure at the beginning of a song or phrase.
10.very soft
11.medium loud
12.very loud
15.very fast tempo
16.focused on the emotion of art and the emotional effect music has on the listener through dynamic contrasts and different ways of changing the mood.
17.gradually slower
18.means rebirth and was a celebration of entrance into the modern age of thought and invention.
22.a large work (originally sacred) involving solos, chorus, organ, and occasionally orchestra. Tells a story through text and music.
23.a musical form in which a melody in one part is followed a short time later by other parts performing the same melody, also called rounds
25.slow tempo
27.gradually growing softer
29.the unit or recurring pulse in music.
30.less motion or slower

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