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Greek Mythology Fun!!

Yazmin Castillo

Let's see how much you chums know your Greek Mythology

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2.The name of the lover of Pyramus, who died by his own hand
3.The thing that Prometheus stole from the gods to give to the humans
5.The amount of judges the dead must be judged by to be placed in the underworld
7.The only weak point on Achillies
9.The creature that killed Eurydice
11.The god responsible for the creation of humans
13.The place where dammed souls end up in and the resting place of the Titans
14.The beings which became to be before the gods and goddesses
17.The minor god who is a satyr and son of Hermes and the nymph Dryope
18.The demigod who slain Medusa
19.Mother Earth
20.The object placed in either the mouth or hand of a dead Greek, to be able to pay Charon
21.The name of the ferryman down in the Underworld
22.The creation of the world
1.The doomed hero who had to complete 12 labors for forgiveness of murdering his family
3.Often depicted as bat-like, the three creatures that lived within the Underworld
4.The amount of years it took for the war between the Titans and gods
6.The one who unleashed evils from a box
7.The women who was fought over in the Trojan War
8.The doomed love interest of Echo who fell in love with his own reflection
10.The first creature that Hercules had to kill in his 12 labors
12.The instrument Orpheus was skilled at
15.The name given to the Sky in the beginning
16.The name of Zeus's first wife
17.Cupid's wife

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