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Anatomy of Typography

A. Klingspohn

1 2 3 4      
5           6              
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  13                   14
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      22 23      

4.primary vertical stroke
5.a tapered or curved end
6.the invisible line where letters sit
8.a horizontal stroke
10.an upward vertical stroke found on lowercase letters that extends above the typeface's x-height
12.a curved stroke originating from a stem
13.uppercase characters that appear as a smaller size than the capital height of a typeface
15.a stroke that connects the top and bottom bowls of lowercase double-story g's
16.the opening at the end of an open counter
20.a letter or group of letters of the size and form generally used to begin sentences and proper nouns
23.a curved stroke that encloses a letter's counter
24.fully or partially enclosed space within a letter
1.two or more letters are joined together to form one glyph
2.the small stroke projecting from the upper right bowl of some lowercase g's
3.an angled stroke
4."feet" or non-structural details at the ends of some strokes
7.the smaller form of letters in a typeface
9.the thin strokes of a serif typeface
11.a downward vertical stroke found on lowercase letters that extends below the baseline
14.the end of a stroke that lacks a serif
16.a horizontal stroke not connected on one or both ends
17.the height of the main body of a lowercase letter
18.the main curved stroke for a capital and lowercase s
19.a descending stroke, often decorative
21.the enclosed or partially enclosed counter below the baseline of a double-story g
22.a small projection from a curved stroke

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