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Nosocomial infection


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4.Contaminated inanimate objects in environment
5.Wash________ after contact with infective material
8.Patients with highly compromised _________systems are easily infected.
9.Symptoms of nosocomial infections
12.____________ can combat symptoms of many infections
15.the most common type of nosocomial infection.
1.organisms that are present as part of normal flora of the patient are called
2._______is a tube that is inserted into the bladder through the urethra to allow the urine in the bladder to drain out
3.Respiratory Tract Infection
6.use of physical procedures or chemical agents to destroy all microbes,
7.The location of a nosocomial infection
10.An estimated 40 percent of nosocomial infections are caused by poor ______hygiene
11.Originating or taking place in a hospital, acquired in a hospital, especially in reference to an infection.
13.Who Is at Risk for Nosocomial Infections?
14.____is one of the hospital wards critical in the treatment of many serious diseases, which needs particular cares.

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