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The Giver

by Lois Lowery

Provide the answers in the boxes. Three dots represent a blank.

5 6          
  7         8
11   12 13  
16           17        

2.What was the name of Jonas's sister?
4.The Giver was the keeper of...
5.Jonas, along with ... leaves his community and goes to Elsewhere.
7.Who was the girl that Jonas admired?
9.When Jonas saw his father "release" or ... the twin, he refused to go home.
10.Who failed as a Receiver, asked to be "Released," and committed suicide?
11.The last rule on his Receiver instructions gave him permission to..., which, of, course, is wrong.
14.How was the failed Receiver (before Jonas) related to the Giver?
16.Who was Jonas's best friend?
17.According to their government, it is ... when people don't make there own choices.
19.Since the Giver couldn't leave with Jonas, he gave him the memory of... in order to help him.
20.What color did Jonas first "see" when his friend's hair revealed color to him?
1.On his first visit with the..., Jonas experienced the memory of snow, sledding, sunshine, and sunburn.
3.The evening ritual was the telling of...
6.Which fruit did Jonas "see"?
8.Jonas's father job was a...
12.Jonas was different from others because his ...were lighter.
13.A birth mother worked three years ans then became a...
15.As a Receiver, Jonas had the Capacity to See...
18.Gabriel was the ... that Jonas's dad brought home.

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