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Bill Henson

Kylie Pereira

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3.Henson uses a technique called when burning in shadow areas?
8.Henson combines areas of light and dark creating tonal ______.
9.The genre of photographing people is called?
10.Henson portraying adolescents scantily clad makes his work?
18.What does Henson call his works?
19.Henson is inspired by Romantic and _____ architecture.
20.An audience may find Henson's images?
21.Which Frame best describes Henson's photographs?
22.The shadows in each picture create an air of what in each photograph?
1.Henson is inspired by music, poetry
2.Henson's photographs are primarily about the ____ condition.
4.Henson uses soft focus and _____ to
5.placing imagery of people next to landscapes.
6.His models do not look _______ at the camera.
7.Henson is able to suggest things that are _____ due to his use of dramatic shadows.
8.THe Italian term meaning both light and dark is?
11.The photographs are grouped and displayed in a particular way to create an ____.
12.Henson's photographs have many qualities in common with _______.
13.What other genre does Henson photograph besides taking pictures of people?
14.Henson portrays what type of youth?
15.Henson's photographs deal with subject matter that can be described as?
16.Henson's images are often taken at night or using low ______.
17.Henson performs the role of both artist and ______.

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