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1   2             3     4 5 6
  8 9       10           11   12
      14 15                   16 17      
    18             19        
        21 22                
23                     24                        
27                         28                 29
30 31   32 33                 34                
    35     36                
37                     38   39        
          40 41                
      42       43        
  45             46                
49         50        
      51 52      

1.half qualitative, half quantitative
3.FMI, Central Lab
5.Measure of acidity
9.Laboratory Information Management System
10.state of matter
15.determination by mass; e.g, Mo determination
19.Inert gas
20.Tells us whether a chemical reaction is possible
22.Determination of concentration using a titrant
23.State of dynamic, yet steady exchange
24.Causes electrons to 'jump'
25.Tells us how fast or slow a chemical reaction is
27.Study of interaction of light and matter
28.Hitting the mark all or most the time
33.One of the Insol elements
34.to see or not to see...
36.Major component of air
37.Consistently the same through out
39.Where oxidation occurs
41.Results when electrons 'fall'
42.The last component dealing with sample in an instrument
45.Fast oxidation as a result of chemical reaction giving off gas, light and heat
46.conductive surface where electrons enter or leave sitting in electrolyte
48.Low pH
49.X-ray technique for crystal structure determination
50.Chemical reaction breaks and forms...
52.Mass unit convenient for chemical reactions
53.Copper ore
55.Iron ore
56.Independent Calibration Verification
57.Standard material
2.Second-most product metal by FMI
4.can be determined iodometrically, by AA, or ICPOES
6.Lightest Element
7.International Organization of Standards
9.Unit for volume
11.High pH
12.Cobalt's neighbor
13.Lining up instrument reading to known sample values
14.hardness scale
16.Viscosity unit
17.Contains carbon, hydrogen and possibly few other elements
18.Has mV signal dependent on temperature
21.Shows visible change at end point
26.Mass unit
29.portion of clear liquid part of solution
30.Uses iodine's ability to precisely oxidize or reduce other species in a titration
32.Consistently measuring close to expected value
34.from naturally insoluble to solution
35.The only liquid metal at room temperature
40.Copper ore
43.Where reduction occurs
44.Curved surface used to indicate fill to volume
47.X-ray technique for elemental analysis
51.Piece of volumetric glass ware
52.Common particle size description
54.Unit of concentration

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