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Scientific Method

Irteza Naqvi

Review of Scientific method

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4.The summary of an experiment and its results.
8.Always wear these before you start work on any lab activity.
10.after you get data you -------- for conclusion
11.every claim in Science needs these
12.If you add salts/sugar to soap water solution, size of bubbles will be ....... .
15.These help scientists make a hypothesis or collect data during an experiment.
16...............Add water to acid
17.evidence result
19.acid to water.
21.The information collected during an experiment
24.Steps used in Scientific method
26.A statement needs this for proof.
27.can not get this with out evidence
29.The part of an experiment that is not being tested and is used for comparison
30.claim result
31.Water, sugar , salts , baking soda, alcohol, acetone are all these
32.This is all about carbon compounds.
1.Changes as independent variable is designed.
2.An educated guess which can be tested
3.this variable can be manipulated.
5.food with excess carbohydrates make syou lazy. Laziness is ------ variable.
6.A control a variable which is kept
7.It is done primarily to test a theory or empirical idea
9.night's good sleep keep you alert in the morning. Good sleep is
13.Salt and sugar will be -------- variable.
14.A good experiment involves these.
18.The everyday explanations we develop for observed events do not qualify as scientific because they
20.First step of Scientific method
22.Statement which can pass through an experiment
23.This is kept constant.
25.Observation leads to this.
28.Claim Evidence

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