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Unit 12-Touchstone 2 & Silent Letters

Stuart Gedal

1 2   3         4
6   7                     8  
          10 11

2.Tea kettles for boiling water and trains can both make this sound.
6.The formal job title of a "sales rep" is "sales __________________.
9.Every country has special sauces for cooking food outdoors on an open fire or a grill. In the USA we call this ____________________ sauce.
12.A customer service rep may work in a large office where hundreds of people answer the telephones. The name of this place is a _________________________________ (2 words/no space).
13.When everyone likes a funny joke, the __________________ group is happy.
14.Sumo is one style of this sport.
15.Many of the things that were done by secretaries are now done by administrative _________________.
1.When you live away from your family and not in a dormitory or hotel, you have ________________________ (3 words, no spaces)
3.An architect usually works on a whole building, but an _____________________________ usually works on inside rooms. (2 words, no space)
4.When you are learning English, this word is often confused with the name of a large Internet company that has a browser called Chrome.
5.My aunt used to be a mail woman, but now she is called a _________________________ (2 words, no space)
7.An Emergency Medical Technician is also called a ________________________.
8.A very high manager in a big company is usually called an ______________________________.
10.Making a product cheaper in order to sell more of it, and advancing in your job, are both called ____________________,
11.Something you do with your hand and your mind.

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