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Biochemistry Vocab

A. Shimko

NC HS Biology Biochem Unit Vocab

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5.This monomer is a simple sugar whose chemical structure (shape) is a ring. An example is glucose.
8.An organic macromolecule used for energy. The monomer units are monosaccharides.
9.The amount of energy needed to start a chemical reaction
10.The reactant that enzymes work on during a chemical reaction
11.A type of bond between two atoms, such as between carbon and hydrogen
13.A chemical test for simple sugars (monosaccharides)
14.An organic macromolecule made of many nucleotides. Examples are DNA and RNA.
15.Something that causes a reaction to occur
16.This is a monomer of nucleic acids. These contain a phosphate group, a sugar, and a base.
18.This is a monomer of proteins. Many of these are held together by peptide bonds. There are 20 very common ones.
20.A compound with a pH of less than 6.9
21.A type of protein that helps catalyze chemical reactions
23.Also called polypeptides, these are made of many amino acids held together by peptide bonds.
24.Term that describes compounds that have Carbon and Hydrogen
25.Fats and oils are examples, the monomer is usually glycerol with fatty acid chains.
1.Term that describes compounds that have either Carbon or Hydrogen, or neither.
2.A chemical test used to detect the presence of starch.
3.A compound with a pH greater than 7.1
4.Made of many nucleotides, this molecule carries genetic instructions.
6.These bonds hold amino acids/ polypeptides together.
7.A complex sugar made of many monosaccharides. An example is starch.
12.A compound with a pH of 7
17.The simplest/ most basic unit of the molecules that make up living things. These subunits can be bonded together to make up macromolecules.
19.A chemical test for proteins and polypeptides.
22.A brown paper bag can be used to detect the presence of this macromolecule.

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