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Greek Myth Origins

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1.Firstborn of Cronus and Rhea
2.Titaness of Fertility and Motherhood
5.Early Greek culture practiced this type of justice
6.In GM, it is the ___ son that is destined to overthrow the father.
8.Titan General punished by Zeus after the 10 year war between the T & G
10.Winged creatures that spawned from the blood of Uranus' severed parts
11.Mother Earth
14.Term: Described as having a human like behavior and apparance
17.Used to castrate Uranus and strip him of his power
18.Consort to to the rulling Priestess Queen in Ancient Greece
22.Term: Existing since the beginning of time (protogenoi)
23.The 10 year war between the Titans and Gods
24.Gives Zeus a powerful potion that causes Cronus to vomit
25.The Darkness of the Underworld
27.Daughter to Chaos; the goddess of the night
30.Eaten by Cronus in place of baby Zeus; the naval stone
31.Cronus & Rhea's 5th child
32.Goddess of marriage; wife and sister of Zeus
33.Animal eaten by Cronus instead of baby Poseidon
1.Hades' weapon of stealth
2.Method by which the Sacred King was killed to ensure fertility
3.The Starry Sky
4.Youngest and most ambitious of the Titans
7.Uranus' powerful sons with 50 heads and 100 arms
9.Cronus & Rhea's 6th child; The Shining One
12.Another name for the Titans
13.Powerful weapon wielded by Zeus in the heavens
15.Material that was made into a sickle to wield against Uranus
16.Another name for a farming community
19.The most important function of the Sacred King in early Greek culture
20.The Master of Myth; The Titan of Teaching
21.These sons of Uranus were powerful craftsmen
23.Poseidon's weapon know for its power to shake the earth
26.Both husband and son to Gaia
28.Early Greek culture establishes this cycle with the worship of an Earth mother
29.Painted a famous painting of Cronus eating his children in the 1820's

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