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Mountain of Motor Development

Karen cornejo, Michael Brown, David Sigel, Shayne Dennis

1 2
3               4  
  7 8                    
    9   10    
14   15 16 17                        
      20           21 22

3.Reflexes exist in the human body for the purpose of ? _____
5.Species-typical behaviors
6.a stereotypical response to a specific stimulus
8.Skills are unique to the individual
9.abrev of period 1 year and 7 years
11.behavioral changes over the life span and he process(es) which underlie these changes
17.type of compensation where a change in organism constraints associated with an injury (2 Words)
19.progress along the mountain is determined by the interaction of _____
20.an individual may be at different places on the mountain for different motor skills (true or false)
23.takes years to scale
24.period of 7 years to 11 years (2 Words)
25.period following 11 years of age
1.one skill is built upon another
2.type of compensation where changes in organism constraints that are associated with the process of aging (2 Words)
4.period 3 months gestational until 2 weeks after birth
7.movements that appear to be elicited by no known external stimulus
10.period 2 weeks until one year
12.Fundamental Motor Patterns Period are the ______ _______ for later emerging skills (2 Words)
13.period that's either injure induced or age induced
14.FMP is a ____ on the mountain (2 Words)
15.(finish the sentence)"characteristics of movement in the fundamental patterns period require ________.
16.characteristics of movement in the skillful period are voluntary, efficient, adaptive, and _____.
18.skills follow a sequence
21.means of representing something abstract with something more concrete or understandfull
22.pre-adaptive period ends with the attainment of ______

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