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Vocabulary Review Lists 1-3


Word Bank
across, airport, alone, artist, autumn, bridge, busy, capital, cloud, dry, everywhere, excellent, exercise, fashion, healthy, hit, hobby, island, match, national, prize, rest, simple, thin, top, tourist, usually

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1.something you do in your free time
4.to strike
7.all places
10.a game or sports events
12.the city where the government of the country is
15.a style of clothes
17.most often
18.not wet
19.a period of relaxing
20.part of the country and people
22.the highest part of something
23.land surrounded by water
25.a person who makes works of art like paintings or music
27.something you win
2.a structure that connects two places
5.having a lot to do
6.physical activity
8.very good
9.showing good health of body or mind
11.a grey or white mass of water that floats in the sky
13.on the other side
14.the season after summer
16.a place where airplanes come and go
21.a person who travels somewhere for fun
24.without any other people
26.not thick

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