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App Chem ch 2 review

1 2   3     4 5
      8 9    
  10                   11            
  12     13     14      
18             19                
  20     21   22       23
            24     25      
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    29                           30          
            32             33    

2.electromagnetic radiation travels in this form
6.most of the mass of an atom is found here
7.known for the law of definite proportion
10.number of protons and neutrons found in the nucleus of an atom
11.discovered the electron
13.negative electrode
15.he said electrons orbit positive nucleus like rings around Saturn
17.isotopes have a different number of this subatomic particle
18.1/12 the mass of a carbon-12 atom
22.positive electrode
24.explanation based on observations and supported by many results
29.motion of elections is similar to planets orbiting the sun
30.waves can transfer ____ from place to place
32.distance between corresponding points on consecutive waves
34.he said the world is made of empty space and tiny particles
35.fact of nature observed so often it is accepted as truth
36.like charges will do this when in contact
37.testable prediction that explains your observations
1.smallest part of matter
3.outermost electrons
4.atoms of the same element but with different mass numbers
5.proposed atomic theory
7.the identification of the electron led to the discovery of this particle
8.spectrum of light released from excited atoms of an element
9.mass of _____ = mass of products
12.made measurements of chemical reaction in sealed containers
14.unit of frequency
16.he proposed that electrons have enough energy to keep them in constant motion around the nucleus
18.idea that matter is made of particles called atoms
19.the number of protons in an atom
20.his experiments led to the discovery of the nucleus
21.one of the two properties of electromagnetic radiation
23.electrons can only move around the nucleus at distances that correspond to the correct amount of ___-
25.using 5 senses to gain information
26.number of vibrations per second of a wave
27.the metal piece at each end of a cathode ray tube
28.most of an atom is made of this
31.because of the law of conservation of matter, we know that in natural processes, atoms are ____
33.proposed that matter is a combination of 4 elements

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