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Unit #1 test prep puzzle

Mr. Backman

U.S Government We the People Unit #1

1 2
4                 5   6  
    7 8                      
    10 11                          
12                           13
17                 18        
19   20                                    
  22 23 24                            
            28 29
    30                                 31  

4.Concept that no one, not even a king or president is above the law
8.One of the two houses of Parliament
11.Rule that people lived by before there was organized government
12.Document that started the whole concept of some rights are guaranteed for all
14."Where" people lived before there was a government
15.In today's terms this would be called a country
17.This type of government gets its' power from the people
20.Keeps any branch from gaining too much power
21.Previous court decisions upon which legal issues are decided
24.Let the decision stand
26.The public good is placed above private interests
27.Under this, the legislative branch has the most power
30.The other house of Parliament
32.Idea that kings got their power to govern directly from God
34.If the rulers become tyrants, you have this right
35.This is what people agree to when they consent to be governed
1.Main author of the Declaration of Independence
2.A written or unwritten constitution serves as the highest law
3.English concept based on customs or earlier judicial decisions
5.The right to reject a law
6.People agree to obey the laws the government makes
7.He was a great example of someone who possessed civic virtue
9.In colonial times this typically gave land to a person or company
10.The process of production in privately owned
13.Your lot in life is pretty much determined in this system
16.Rights that every human being has that can't be taken away
18.With this, all the rules are not necessarily written on a few select documents
19.Ended a 30 year war in Europe, helped establish Nation - states
22.Helped the protestants spread the word!
23.The natural rights concept that ultimate political authority rests with the people
25.This says you can search for anything, regardless of what you are looking for
28.With this you might sacrifice your own interests for those of your community
29.All citizens can exercise some power under this form of government
31.British form of government
33.Most of the colonies were this type

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