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1 2
3               4        
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    12         13  
16                 17          

3.Where the placement of rhyming words follows a planned predictable sequence. (2 Words)
5.A figure of speech which makes an implicit, implied or hidden comparison between two things that are unrelated but share some common characteristics.
6.A ‘sound’ device where two or more words close to one another repeat the same vowel sound, but start and end with different consonant sounds.
11.A word, which when read, imitates the natural sounds of the thing the word describes.
12.The representation of sensory experience using language; using words to appeal to the audiences senses.
15.A ‘sound’ device used where words that start with the same sound are used close together.
16.A figure of speech in which apparently contradictory terms appear in conjunction.
17.A term used to generally to describe a slow romantic song; traditionally form that tells a narrative and has catchy rhyme.
18.A group of lines whose metrical pattern/rhythm and usual rhyme scheme is repeated throughout a poem; referred to as a verse in modern music
1.Non-metrical verse: has no fixed metrical pattern, rhythm or expectation. (2 Words)
2.A figure of speech in which human attributes are given to an animal, an object, or a concept.
4.A ‘sound’ device where consonant sounds are repeated in quick succession or close proximity within or at the end of words.
7.A pair of consecutive lines that rhyme with each other
8.Repetition of phrases at the beginning of clauses.
9.A type of poetry that expresses emotions, appeals to your senses, and often could be set to music.
10.A figure of speech in which something (object, person, situation or action) means more than what it literally is; may be read both literally and metaphorically/ figuratively.
13.A repeated word, phrase, line or group of lines, normally at some fixed position in stanzaic form.
14.A figure of speech in which an explicit comparison is made between two things using a word or phrases as ‘like’, ‘as’, ‘than’, similar to’ or ‘seems’.

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