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communities and biomes

Mrs. VH

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1.found on leaves of plants in the desert to protect them from being eaten
3.90% of the ocean is more than this deep
7.combination of interacting populations of different species
10.one of the types of trees found in the taiga
11.clams and crabs do this to protect agains waves
13.deserts usually get less than ____ cm of rain
14.the topsoil of the taiga develops as these decay
16.the top region of the rain forest
18.part of the desert plants that can do photosynthesis
20.large group of ecosystems that share the same type of climax community
21.mammals in the desert are of this type
23.the size of the intertidal zone depends on _____ of the land
24.climax communities are influenced by ______
25.the size of the intertidal zone depends on the ____ of the tides
27.coastal body of water where freshwater and salt water mix
29.ability of an organism to withstand fluctuations in the environmental factors
30.these organisms secrete a strong glue to hold them into place and protect against waves
31.orderly, natural changes and species replacement
36.lichen and mosses are examples of these
37.nonliving factors
39.taiga stretches across this country
41.tides are caused by what force
42.permanently frozen ground
44.zone in the ocean that is deep and receives little sunlight
47.plant life in tundra is limited to ____________ grasses
48.tropical rain forests have so much diversity because they have always been near the equator and never covered with ___-
49.a grassland in Africa
50.Earth is 75% this
51.snails and slugs have these adaptations to help them hold onto rocks and protect them against wave action
52.the soil in a temperate forest is rich in humus and deeper layers of this
53.any factor that restricts the existence, number or reproduction of an organism
2.type of succession that starts with bare rock
4.tall trees that stick up out the top of the rain forest
5.underground mat of grasses and their roots
6.the tundra is found south of the ___________
8.zone of the ocean that includes the portion of the shoreline that lies between high and low tides
9.the main cause for the destruction of the rain forest
12.the salinity of an estuary will change as these change throughout the day
15.a grassland in Russia
17.besides light, another limiting factor of the deepest parts of a lake
19.zone in ocean that is very shallow
22.broadleaved trees lose these annually
26.these form when water recedes at low tide and traps organisms
28.type of succession that already has soil and some type of life
32.a beech forest is an example of this
33.a grassland in the US and Australia
34.climax communities are influenced by ______
35.living factors
38.land biomes
40.oceans contain the largest amount of this
42.most abundant life form in the marine biome
43.water biomes
45.biome that may contain frozen bodies extinct animals
46.an example of an autotroph that lives in the photic zone and is a very tiny organism

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