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Applied Chemistry Ch 3

1 2 3   4   5 6
8   9             10      
  12 13       14                 15  
16                 17              
20                 21          
  23     24     25
  26             27              
29                 30          
          31             32  
34                       35                
  38                   39
  41 42       43        
          44   45    

3.which period number has its highest energy electrons in the 5th energy level
7.only liquid metal
8.group 17 elements
13.the modern PT lists the elements according to this property
16.first man to arrange elements based on atomic number
17.type of semiconductor that has an extra electron
18.elements #89-103
19.he grouped elements in groups of 3 called triads
20.group 18 elements
22.the flow of electrons will produce an _________
26.metalloid in group 15
27.the outermost energy level of radium
28.elements in groups 3-12
29.group 2 metals
31.Cu, Ag, and Au were titled the ____ metals
33.Li, Na, and K belong to this group of metals
34.tendency to recur at regular intervals
35.element commonly used in transistors and diodes
36.element in group 6 period 6
38.particle accelerators produce ____ elements
40.horizontal row
42.only 2 elements exist as ____
44.the second energy level hold ____ electrons
46.one of the liquid elements
47.element in group 10 period 4
48.one of the elements that Mendeleev predicted the properties of before it was discovered
1.metals tend to _____ the VE and become positively charged
2.the first element of the third period
4.the number of ____ can be used to predict properties and structure
5.its function is to increase the strength or amplify electric signals
6.vertical column
9.elements #57-71
10.the period number is equal to the outermost _______
11.the first periodic tables arranged elements in such a way that elements with similar properties were in the same ____
12.Cl, Br, and I belong to the _____
14.elements in the bottom two rows of the PT
15.element in period 5 that has 2 VE
16.elements in groups 1-2, 13-18
21.elements that conduct electricity under certain conditions
23.have some properties of metals and some properties on nonmetals
24.one of the properties of the noble gases
25.he was able to predict the existence of elements that had not been discovered yet
29.early periodic tables had elements arranged according to _____
30.the middle element of the triad had a mass that was the ____ of the top and bottom element
32.group 1 metals
34.physical and chemical properties of the elements repeat in a regular pattern when arranged by atomic number
36.the first period has ___ elements
37.one of the elements not arranged by atomic mass, because properties did not match up
39.it is made of a n-type and a p-type semiconductors
40.type of semiconductor that has a positive charge
41.addition of a small amount of another element to a crystal of a semiconductor
43.halogen in period 5
45.nonmetals tend to _____ the VE and become negatively charged

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