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Pseudocoelomates Vocabulary

AHS Zoology Guy

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1.Genus of a round worm that has been instrumental in genome work
4.having more than one nucleus per cell
5.a non-living covering over the epidermis and secreted by it.
6.a bilateral pair of sensory structures similar to amphids near the posterior of some nematode worms.
7.a false coelom
8.worm most commonly contracted by eating raw pork
12.common name for Ancylostoma duodenale and Necator americanus
14.The super phylum that contains Rotifers, Acanthocephalia, etc.
16._______ pressure-exerted by water, same as turgor pressure.
18.Dinofilaria immitis
20.a body covering consisting of multinucleate cells
21.Phylum containing worms having pseudocoeloms
1.connective tissue protein that makes up most of the cuticle
2.Ascaris lumbricoides
3.a word which means "worm like"
9.common name for Enteriobius vermicularis (get your flashlight... I will explain later)
10.This disease may be caused by Wucheria bancrofti or Brugia malayi
11.a body cavity besides the guy cavity
13.The super phylum that contains Nematodes and 4 other phyla.
15.______ worms; 8 species of microscopic worms that cause suffering to some 250 million people world wide
17.sensory organs generally located as openings on either side of the head of some nematodes
19.a constant number of cells or nuclei or nuclei in individuals of a species

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