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Civics Terms

Tushar Mittal

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5.The right of the government to take private property for public use, with a reasonable price awarded for the property.
6.To reject or cancel (such as canceling or saying no to a law).
9.Official changes to the constitution.
11.System of government in which voters elect representatives to make laws for them.
12.Freedom from punishment granted by the president for persons convicted of a crime or who are facing criminal charges.
15.To formally accuse or charge someone with a crime.
17.A person cannot be tried more than once for the same crime.
20.Power rests with the people (in our case the people vote to show their will).
23.An order from the president that carries the weight of law; it does not need congressional approval.
24.Time when prices go up, wages are down, and value of the currency is down.
25.Distribution of governmental power between a central authority and the states or provinces that make up the nation.
26.To officially accuse a federal official (like the president) of wrong doing or misconduct.
27.Formal approval (except something, as in a document).
1.These are the power specifically given to the federal government, including the power to declare war and print money.
2.Set up a system for territories in the northwest to become states.
3.Set up a system in which settlers could purchase land in the northwest territory.
4.These are the powers retained by the state governments or the people/citizens.
7.A legal document allowing police officers to search (for example: car, house, computer...).
8.Taxes on imports or exports.
10.Main duty is to make laws.
13.A set of basic principles that determines the powers and duties of a government.
14.These are powers that are shared between state and federal governments.
16.Main duty is to carry out the laws.
18.Main duty is to interpret the law/constitution.
19.The right of every citizen to the same fair rules in all cases brought to trail.
21.Given the right to vote.
22.A group of presidential advisors.

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