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Lenses and light

Mr Bell

Key words from the lenses and light topic

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4.A type of image that is smaller than the original (10)
6.AKA short sightedness (6)
7.Lenses will focus light toward or away from this spot (5, 5)
9.The angle above which light will total internally reflect inside a material (8, 5)
11.The muscles that change the shape of the lens in the eye (7)
12.A type of lens where light is caused to converge (6)
15.A type of image that is larger than the original (9)
17.A piece of equipment used in hospitals to look inside the body. It uses fibre optic cables (9)
18.His law helps us work out how light refracts (5)
19.A type of image that is the right-way up (7)
20.How much a lens will bend light. It is measured in dioptres and is 1/focal length (5)
1.A type of image that cannot be cast onto a screen (7)
2.The ratio of the speed of light in a vacuum to the speed of a light in a material (10, 5)
3.A type of image that can be cast onto a screen (4)
5.The front of the eye which starts to focus light onto the retina (7)
8.The effect where light change direction when passing into a different medium (10)
10.A type of lens where light is caused to diverge (7)
13.AKA long sightedness (9)
14.A shiny, valuable, material with a high refractive index (7)
16.A type of image that is upside-down (8)

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