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Unit 10

Stuart Gedal

1 2           3     4
  7   8  
10 11                        
12                 13            

2.This is a way to leave a message for someone (2 words, no hyphen, no space)
5.A place you want to go that is easy to get to is _________________ for you.
6.Telling someone your first name, is ____________________ than telling someone your full name, cell phone number, and birthday.(2 words, no spaces, no hyphen)
11.Very loud construction work in the street outside your class is ______________________ than the noise of the soda machine. (2 words, no space, no hyphen)
12."Funnier than" means that a joke makes you laugh more. It is _______________ than another joke. (2 words, no hyphen, no spaces).
13.For most students, a conversation game is ________________________ than a conversation test.(two words, no hyphen, no space)
14."I didn't want to do it!" the student said. "I did it _________________!" (2 words, no hyphen, no space)
15.After you finish a phone conversation you usually say "Good-by" to the person you are talking with and then you ________________. (2 words, no hyphen, no space)
1.Something you say when you stop a conversation and start again.
3.What would you ask someone who is deceiving you? (3 words, no spaches, no hyphens)
4.If you were talking to a friend, and you couldn't hear her any more, maybe your friend hung up the phone (or, maybe the signal was bad). If the signal was bad you ____________________. (3 words, no hyphens, no spaces)
7.In a phone call, 3 words that mean "Please wait!" (3 words, no space, no hyphen)
8.This expression means "Let's continue to have communication" (3 words, no hyphens, no spaces)
9.During a phone conversation, these two words (no spaces) mean the same as "Please wait."
10.E-mail that you don't want.

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