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Upon the Burning of Our House, by Anne Bradstreet

Waleed Snoussi

Check your understanding of the poem.

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3.What do we call the device of referring to and taking words from the Bible in your poetry? (2 Words)
7.What is the style of Anne Bradstreet's poem "Upon the Burning of Our House? (2 Words)
11.It means "home". (2 Words)
12.What religious group did Anne Bradstreet belong to?
13.It means "all is temporary and meaningless". (2 Words)
1."I blest His name that gave and took." What type of figurative language is the poet using in this line? (2 Words)
2.What do we call the figure of speech in which the author uses a metaphor throughout a long passage or even an entire poem. (2 Words)
4."And to my God my heart did cry." What type of figurative language is the poet using in this line?
5.It is an idiom that means "I wouldn't dare to". (3 Words)
6.Which expression does she use to refer to God? (2 Words)
8.What do we call the repetition of the first part of the line in a poem?
9.It means "helpless".
10.It means "to complain".

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